Hollywood Bowl FAQ

The thought of creating a universal stage that can hold every single type of performance has been the dream of many performers.

Nevertheless, it didn't start turning into reality until 1919 at the hands of many people, and to this day, the Hollywood Bowl remains one of the prominent centers of attraction of the area. Tourists and locals visit it daily for the enjoyment of a multitude of shows and artists. So let us get to know more about this place.

Hollywood Bowl History



How Old Is the Hollywood Bowl?

This incredible site started as a choice of location made by William Reed along with his child H. Ellis Reed in the year 1919. Although this isn’t the official start of the Hollywood Bowl, it’s the origin of everything that came after it.

On the other hand, performances started two years later, in 1921, with some classical shows and religious events. Come July 11th of the year 1922; the Hollywood Bowl opened to the crowds officially thanks to the completion of its very first stage.


Who Built the Hollywood Bowl?

There are many points that we‘ll touch on when trying to answer this question, but let’s start with the basics. The building of the Hollywood Bowl was authorized and executed by the Community Park and Arts Association under the leadership of F.W Blanchard.

Nevertheless, we‘ve mentioned before that William Reed and his son H. Ellis Reed were the ones who chose that specific spot in Bolton Canyon for the Hollywood Bowl to be constructed. That was done in compliance with the wishes of the Theater Arts Alliance, which was headed by Christine Wetherill Stevenson at the time.

That is the amphitheater itself; its trademark semi-circular shells had tons of renovations along the years, as the first backdrop was built in 1924. That was followed by the second and third shells in 1926, which were replaced in 1927, and again in 1928. Another shell was added in the year 1929 as well.


Who Owns Hollywood Bowl Now?

Although there were so many hands involved in the construction and design of the Hollywood Bowl in the year 1924, the entire thing was deemed the property of the county of Los Angeles, and it has stayed like that ever since.

This unbiased ownership has allowed the Hollywood Bowl to remain open to all kinds of performances and artists, let that be musical performances of universally known artists, rising ones, or even community and religious performances for certain holidays.




Where Is the Hollywood Bowl located?

Again, we have mentioned before how the Reeds have chosen the spot for the Hollywood Bowl. Why did they choose it, though, and what was its name before the Hollywood Bowl was created?

This area was an incredibly popular spot for family gatherings and picnics, thanks to the natural shade and significant exposure to sounds that it enjoyed. The name of that spot is the ‘’Daisy Dell’’ in the Bolton Canyon.

The Bolton Canyon is incredibly close to downtown Hollywood which is always a welcome plus. The actual address that you can use today to reach The Hollywood Bowl is 2301 N. Highland Avenue, W. of the Lost French village of Hollywood, N. Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood subway station, and S. Route 101.




What Time Do Doors Open for Shows and Concerts at Hollywood Bowl?

In general, the Hollywood Bowl is open Monday to Thursday from 11 AM to 10 PM. On Friday, it opens at 11 AM and closes at 12 AM. As for Saturday, it opens at 10 AM and closes at 12 AM, and Sunday times are 10 AM to 10 PM.

Still, the most important periods that you’ll have to be careful about will have to be the gate and starting time of your show, and you’ve got to abide by them. That will help you get to your seat easily and ensure that you’re comfortably seated before the beginning of your show.

Of course, all of that information will be provided on your ticket. Additionally, sometimes the Hollywood Bowl is reserved for a private party, so you need to check their schedule before you make any decisions.


How Long Do Shows at the Hollywood Bowl Last?

There’s hardly a fixed answer to that question; different shows have different durations. Some extend for hours on end, some might have open durations according to the reaction of the audiences, and some will be limited to their contracts.

Anyway, if you’re trying to figure out the time that you’re going to spend in the Hollywood Bowl, don’t forget to add the time spent getting to the show, getting seated, and leaving the amphitheater to your calculation, as that can snowball quickly to a large number.


What Is the Upcoming Hollywood Bowl Event Schedule?

The list goes on and on as the Hollywood Bowl is usually completely booked during the summer season.

  1. On July 3rd at 7:30 PM, we have the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular With Kool and The Gang. That event will be repeated on July 4th as well at the same time.
  2. On July 15th, we have the Los Angeles Philharmonic: Gustavo Dudamel & Viola Davis - Peter and The Wolfs at 8 PM.
  3. On July 16th at 8 PM, we have the fantastic Christina Aguilera performing, which will happen again on July 17th, also at 8 PM.
  4. Come July 18th; we’ve got Kamasi Washington and Earl Sweatshirt at 7 PM.
  5. On July 24th at 8 PM, we got Ledisi Sings Nina Simone.
  6. If you wish to catch Ziggy Marley and Wailing Sounds on the Reggae Night XIX at 7 PM, you’ll have to book a ticket for August 1st


How Much Are Hollywood Bowl Tickets?

The pricing depends on many different variables, primarily the performer in action. As you’re trying to attend a performance of an artist that is universally famous and high in demand, you’ll find yourself paying more to secure your seat.

While, as you go for local, rising, or community performances, the ticket prices will start to go down gradually.

Moreover, your seat will have the honor of deciding how much you pay as well. As you go towards the stage, your ticket will become pricier and pricier.

Nevertheless, let us mention some different shows and the price ranges for you to get the right idea.

  1. Los Angeles Philharmonic: Gustavo Dudamel & Viola Davis - Peter and The Wolf: $37 - $754
  2. Los Angeles Philharmonic: Tianyi Lu Conducts Pictures At An Exhibition: $79 - $754
  3. Kamasi Washington & Earl Sweatshirt: $42 - $874
  4. Christina Aguilera: $46 - $,2300


Where to Buy Hollywood Bowl Tickets?

Just like any famous historic amphitheater, the Hollywood Bowl has many selling points for its in-demand tickets. Nonetheless, the disparity in the prices between those sellers can be overwhelming.

Plus, when trying to secure tickets for all your family, you’d want to be as economical as possible about it and pay the least amount of money for the best seats possible.

The thing about CheapoTicketing isn’t just that we have every event held by the Hollywood Bowl, but that we’ll give you a 100% money-back guarantee that your tickets will arrive before your event and that the tickets will be valid for entry.

You can purchase your tickets with ultimate ease from here.


How to Order Tickets at Hollywood Bowl?

On to the next step, how can you get your hands on these tickets? It’s pretty simple; you’ve got to click on this link, which will take you to all of the performances happening at the Hollywood Bowl.

Click on the performance that you want on your preferable date, then you’ll be taken to another page that will show you the Hollywood Bowl seating chart. Through this diagram, you’ll be able to decide which seat will suit you better.

On your right hand, you’ll see the pricing of that seat. Choose your seat, choose the quantity, and proceed with the transaction just like any other online purchase. As we’ve said before, your tickets are guaranteed to arrive before the time of the show, or you’ll get a full refund.


How Are the Acoustics at Hollywood Bowl?

Acoustics is one of the aspects that has been worked on diligently by the different directors and sound technicians of the Hollywood Bowl.

When it was first built, natural acoustics were deemed enough, but as it has grown in fame and importance, acoustics had to be developed. That’s what happened in 1926 by the Allied Architects group.

In 1927, Frank Lloyd Wright Junior built the pyramidal-shaped shell, which wasn’t the best looking, yet it was the best in regards to acoustics that the Hollywood Bowl has ever seen. Sadly, it was taken down and replaced by another wooden one in 1928 which fit the aesthetic much better. Unfortunately, this one, too, was destroyed by water damage.

The following year, in 1929, the Allied Architects returned to build the shells that supported the acoustics of the Hollywood Bowl till the 2003-2004 revamp, where the transit skin was stretched over a metal frame to perfect the sound.


Are Cameras Allowed at the Hollywood Bowl?

The Hollywood Bowl and its management are incredibly serious about the safety of everyone present at any time in the vicinity. With the events happening worldwide, they wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt when they’re supposed to be enjoying a performance of their favorite artist.

Hence, their list of prohibited items for all events is quite extensive, and it does include cameras, as copyrights are paramount to them.

So, whenever you’re going to attend an event at the Hollywood Bowl, know that no type of camera will be allowed. Let that be GoPros, drones, any audio or video recording devices, and even iPads, tablets, and laptops.

All of that is entirely off the list. Also, camera stands are a big NO; monopods, tripods, and every other type. All of that won’t be allowed inside the gates of the Hollywood Bowl, so you might as well just leave them at home.




How Many Seats in the Hollywood Bowl?

The Hollywood Bowl has an incredible capacity of 17,500 attendees. The seating map has been designed in an exciting way to allow almost everyone an unobstructed view.

There are seven levels of seating, starting with the seats that are closest to the stage and ending with those that are furthest from it. There is the pool circle, this is the audience surrounding the stage, and they sit in the most expensive tickets.

Next, there are the terrace boxes which include the side boxes. After that, there is promenade one, two, three, four, and finally, promenade five, which will have cheaper tickets.


What Are the Best Seats in the Hollywood Bowl?

Naturally, the majority would argue that the best seats of the Hollywood Bowl would have to be the pool circle seats, and don’t get us wrong, these are pretty awesome seats, as you’re closest to the performers.

If they decide to talk to someone, give a souvenir, or even have a handshake, it’ll probably be with someone who is seated at the pool circle. Nevertheless, for the best viewing experience, there are three seats known as the Super Seats.

These are present in the promenade and are in the dead center of the Hollywood Bowl. They allow you to see everything that’s going on no matter if the performer decides to go to the extreme left or the extreme right.

These seats are G1, H, and J1, by the way.


Are There Bad Seats at the Hollywood Bowl?

You can look and search as much as you want, but you’ll reach the same result, and that is that the Hollywood Bowl offers hardly any bad seats. The design of the theater eliminates this possibility as the curve of the stage and that of the seating areas allows every seat a fantastic view of the stage.

Even if you go towards the back levels, such as promenades four and five, you’ll still have a full view of everything that’s happening.


What Seats Have Obstructed Views at the Hollywood Bowl?

Some seats in section E have a partially obstructed view of the stage. That is courtesy of the green building that was constructed to house the speakers and protect them.

Nevertheless, the thing about the Hollywood Bowl is that they won’t trick you. These seats are always discounted, and they’re labeled ‘’obstructed’’ so that you know what you’re in for.

Moreover, by obstructed, we don’t mean that you won’t be able to see the stage, but you won’t have the full view that the rest of the audience will be enjoying.


Dress, Food, and Drinks


What to Wear to the Hollywood Bowl?

There is no specific dress code for the Hollywood Bowl. It all depends on the kind of performance that you’re attending.

Till this very day, the Hollywood Bowl holds events for its orchestra. Logically, if you wish to attend such an event, you’ll have to be dressed in a more casual to classical way. While, if you’re attending some kind of a concert, you’re going to wear more comfortable clothes that you can move and dance in.

The most important thing is that your clothes should not be offensive to anyone else in order not to violate the code of conduct.


Does Hollywood Bowl Serve Food?

Yes, indeed, the Hollywood Bowl does serve food. Yet, just like everything else, it has to make an incredible experience of it. So, they’ve created the Bowl Culinary Program, which involves several award-winning chefs.

This program allows you to have supper delivered to you in your box during the concert, but this is only available for box ticket holders.

Moreover, you’ll have the Hollywood Bowl on-site marketplaces that will allow you to build your own meals according to your own preferences.

Additionally, you can order food for your seat from a range of different summer foods, snacks, and even street food.


Does Hollywood Bowl Serve Alcohol?

We’ve just spoken about the Hollywood Bowl culinary program, and fortunately, it involves Ann’s wine bar, which is also created by the same chefs.

The wine bar is only accessible through reservations due to the limitedness of the walk-in space. Still, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing experience of wine tasting as you wait for your concert or during its aftermath.




Does Hollywood Bowl Have Valet Parking?

Not really. The Hollywood Bowl parking place is incredibly limited, and the majority of the audience doesn’t really rely on it. As a result, having valet parking isn’t the wisest thing to do.

Actually, if you’re situated close to the Hollywood Bowl, then walking the distance will be your best option.


Where to Park at the Hollywood Bowl?

The general rule with the Hollywood Bowl is that the parking space opens four hours before the performance. So, if you wish to park inside of the Hollywood Bowl and not use any of their transportation methods, which we’ll discuss momentarily, you’ll have to be there pretty early on.

The first method is the park and ride, which allows you to drive your car to any of their designated parking lots, leave your car there, and get on one of their buses which will cost you seven dollars if pre-purchased and $12 if bought on-spot.

This bus will take you down to the Hollywood Bowl, and you don’t have to worry about parking whatsoever. One great aspect of that option is that all of the facilities are wheelchair accessible.

The other option is the same except that they’ve exchanged the bus for a shuttle that will deliver you to the closest spot to your seat. Again, all of the facilities are wheelchair accessible, and the shuttle ride will cost six dollars per trip.




Can You Tour the Hollywood Bowl?

Yes, indeed, you can tour the Hollywood Bowl. Nonetheless, momentarily the amphitheater is closed to the public, but events will start again on July 3rd, and one of the many things that you can do is visit the Bowl Walk, which includes ten photographic displays and information about each one of them. This is considered the Museum of the Hollywood Bowl.

You can also have a picnic using the picnic tables provided by the facility. Still, parties that are above the count of 30 individuals will have to make reservations first.


Hotels Nearby


Which Hotels Are Near the Hollywood Bowl?

Since the Hollywood Bowl is very close to downtown Hollywood, several excellent hotels that offer exceptional services surround it. Let’s explore some of them.

  1. InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown
  2. BLVD Hotel & Suites
  3. Magic Castle Hotel
  4. Loews Hollywood Hotel
  5. The Hollywood Roosevelt
  6. Hollywood Celebrity Hotel
  7. Residence Inn by Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE
  8. Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles/Hollywood
  9. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Hollywood Hotel Walk of Fame
  10. Dream Hollywood
  11. Kimpton Everly Hotel
  12. Mama Shelter Los Angeles
  13. Best Western Hollywood Plaza Inn-Hollywood Walk of Fame Hotel
  14. Best Western Plus Hollywood Hills Hotel
  15. W Hollywood
  16. Hollywood Hills Hotel
  17. The Moment Hotel
  18. SureStay Collection by Best Western Sunset West Hotel
  19. Hampton Inn & Suites Los Angeles Hollywood
  20. Hollywood La Brea Motel
  21. Motel 6 Los Angeles - Hollywood
  22. Quality Inn Near Hollywood Walk Of Fame
  23. Tilt Hotel Universal / Hollywood, an Ascend Hotel Collection Member
  24. Lexen Hotel - Hollywood Walk of Fame
  25. Dunes Inn Sunset

Although you might feel that we’ve mentioned numerous hotels, you’ll actually find more as California, in general, is such a lively state, and tourists are always finding interesting bits all over it. So, if you wish to extend your visit beyond what the Hollywood Bowl can offer, finding a hotel near it in California has never been easier.


Restaurants Nearby


Which Restaurants Are Near the Hollywood Bowl?

Other than the culinary program offered by the Hollywood Bowl, you can easily hit one of the many great restaurants available in the area where you can enjoy a variety of different cuisines and food categories.

You can find all that your heart desires, starting with steaks and pizza, all the way to seafood, sushi, and even snacks. Now, we’ll tell you a few of the names that are bound to provide you with the complete ultimate experience.

  1. Musso & Frank Grill
  2. The Barish
  3. Shin Ramen & Sushi
  4. L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele
  5. Beauty & Essex - Los Angeles
  6. Saint Felix Hollywood
  7. Gwen
  8. Papilles
  9. 25°
  10. Hungry Cat
  11. Yamashiro Hollywood
  12. Loteria Grill
  13. The Woods
  14. Good Times at Davy Wayne’s
  15. Smoke’s Poutinerie
  16. Hiding Out
  17. Poubelle du Jour
  18. Shell Game
  19. Urban Picnic
  20. Suppertime
  21. Truth or ‘Dera
  22. Royal Flush
  23. Urban Legend
  24. The Whole Enchilada
  25. Barber’s Shop
  26. A Giant Hollywood Patio for Rye, DJs, and Uni-Topped Pasta
  27. Take Your Shot
  28. Spice World
  29. Big Easy Does It

As you can see, the list will go on and on. Everywhere you go near the Hollywood Bowl, you’ll find an awe-inspiring variety of cuisines and cooking styles. Hence, the food aspect in regards to your trip to the Hollywood Bowl or to Los Angeles, California, in general, will be taken care of quite diligently. You don’t need to worry about it at all.



As you can see, booking your seats for any of the performances offered by the Hollywood Bowl has never been easier or cheaper. Moreover, you can do it from the comfort of your own home for the most economical prices out there through cheapoticketing.

The diagram of the seats presented in front of you will help you go for the best seats available, or the lesser ones for a discounted price if that’s what you prefer.

Furthermore, your visit to the Hollywood Bowl, whether you’re a local or a tourist, doesn’t need to be confined to just the amphitheater. You can enjoy yourself while touring the Hollywood Bowl Museum or the Bowl Walk or even checking out the amazing restaurants, hotels, and spas generously scattered all over the area.