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Cris Angel Believe is a theatrical show formed in the year 2008 by a collaboration of Cirque du Soleil and Cris Angel (main Star) for their 10-year (equivalent to 4,600 performances) show residency at the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas. The main star of the show Cris Angel is known as an illusion creator, original concept creator, a co-writer and of course, a star.

Following the shows Mystere (1993), KA (2005), O (1998), Love (2006) and Zumanity (2003), the Cris Angel Believe is the sixth theatrical show created by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

The show’s official soundtrack, created by Eric Sierra was launched in November back in the year 2010. The soundtrack is fully packed with the show’s original variation of ‘Cris Angel Believe’ including the ‘Sexy Pet’, ‘Kayala and the Poppies’, ‘Homage of the Rabbits’, ‘The Life Factory’, ‘In and Out of the Dream’, ‘The Magic Wedding’, ‘Blow Me Tornado’ and more.

In the show, Cris Angel portrays a role being the main character of the play. As a Victorian Noble, Cris Angel is on his journey for love and to seek for his existence in a world mixed with reality and fantasy.

The show features other supporting characters, including Kayala, Crimson, Ushers and Lucky. Each of them plays a different significance in Cris Angel’s life and story.

In the line of the greatest illusionists and magicians of the history, Cris Angel is believed to be one of the most-watched magician of the century. In fact, during his early years, he was once able to sell 5,000,000 tickets. Even until now, the ‘Cris Angel Believe’ remains a hit in ticket sales.

Cris Angel brings his magic on stage with so much artistry and with a touch of flair. The ‘Cris Angel Believe’ is a true home for magic where larger-than-life experience takes place.

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