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KA is a theatrical play produced by Cirque du Soleil, which tells a story about the young man and a young woman whose paths have crossed in love, conflict and the duality of ‘KA’ (a fire that can unite, separate, destroy or illuminate).

The show features 80 multi-talented artists from across the globe and is a type of production that defies gravity at its peak. It also has a powerful support of soundtracks that empowers various numbers in the show, including the creative blend of acrobatic feats, the Capoiera dance, projections, amusing martial arts and a fun-filled puppetry. In a very captivating sight are the rivals spinning through the air, the show provides eye-catching, jaw-breaking and heart-pounding performances that bring excitement, joy, amusement and a touch of danger.

Previewed on November 26, 2004, the show is under the direction of Robert Lepage. Three months after its preview, the show officially premiered on the 3rd of February, 2005. KA was the first of the Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas shows to hold a more characterized type of story line.

The show has great feedback from its guests and critics. Not just because it is another hit from Cirque du Soleil but because it really has something spectacular to give to their audiences.

According to Los Angeles Times review, it stated “it may well be the most lavish production in the history of the Western Theater. It is surely the most technologically advanced”. All shows by Cirque Ddu Soleil are of high standards and well funded.

Since the year 2004, KA has been watched by more than a million spectators.

KA can be caught performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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