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Music is food to the soul, and whatever your taste is, it does have a calming effect on your nerves. It gets even better when it is live so you can see your favorite musicians while singing along to their songs. Imagine if it were possible to do this at any time of the year. Yes, it possible in Colorado where live music is the order of the day, and you can find concerts almost everywhere. Do not take my word for it; let me enlighten you on the top reasons why Colorado is the ideal place to watch shows.

Top-notch venues

Of course, the site of holding a live concert is crucial to your enjoyment, and Colorado has the best places. Top of the list is Red Rocks where shows are ever ongoing. Among its many attributes is that it takes into account all kinds of fans including those with disabilities. Besides offering designated parking for people with disabilities, it has reserved seats, but such concert-goers must buy tickets beforehand to take advantage of this privilege.

Another spectacular venue is the Stanley which was supposed to be a wedding venue but later turned into a music venue. It has a bar to keep you hydrated with your favorite drink, without the need to go to the hotel's bar. Further, its 300 Italian leather seats will provide you comfort as you enjoy the music.

Colorado boasts lobal Musicians

Who would want to leave their home just for a taste of "rookie" talent? No one, so you can rest assured that the music you get to watch in Colorado is by talented musicians who have travelled the world to share their fabulous gift of music. One of these musicians is Stacey Rose, a Denver native who graces her hometown with regular visits. Being an international composer and pianist, Stacey has been an orchestra soloist and a chamber music collaborator.

If you are into live bands or cherish some historical lessons, then the Decemberists will have you on the edge of your seat. Its energetic live shows accompanied by audience participation through acting out their songs will give you a memorable concert. Besides, their range of songs and use of several of instruments provides you with so much variety.

Variety of music available around the state

Variety is the spice of life, and Colorado sure has so much to add flavour to your life. We all have different tastes in everything, inclusive of music. While others prefer some jazz, others would rather have hard rock blasting through their woofers. Whatever you please, Colorado will have a concert that suits your needs. For the lovers of country, famous country musicians such as Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker and Kenny Chesney have taken Colorado by storm with their eclectic performance.

Still, concertgoers whose passion is Jazz will appreciate the jazz festivals lined up throughout the year. With names such as Donna Elise Scott and the Vail Jazz party gracing your stage, your fun cannot get better than this. Moreover, every year, Colorado holds music festivals with each month having a signature event such as the Vail Snowdays in December and MusicFest at Steamboat in January.

Lovers of live music, Colorado is the destination for different music. Its beautifully crafted venues hold not only a large number of fans but also have great amenities for your convenience. The favorite bands and solo artists who perform gives the town a higher score in reputation due to the excellent shows they put up. Finally, the array of music played might have you add another genre to your list of favorites. Next time you want to attend a live show, you know where to go!

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