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Sandwiched between Washington/Oregon and Montana/Wyoming, Idaho is one of the less popular West Coast at first inspection. However, this state has a notable relationship with music. Whether Idaho is pulling off one-of-a-kind music festivals or providing performers and listeners with venues all over the state, Idaho makes sure that the music is heard.

Idaho hosts some unique music festivals.

Treefort Music Fest in Boise has been up and running for the last six years, quickly gaining a national fan base. Each March, over 400 musical acts take stage to entertain guests. Tickets are a modest $35 per day for a five-day festival. What sets the Treefort Music Fest apart from other large music festivals is that in includes a large number of mini-festivals in areas such as art, technology, and beer brewing. This makes the Boise festival perfect for a week-long getaway, filled with entertainment and attractions.

Another interesting Idaho-grown festival is the Huckleberry Jam in Donnelly. National acts perform for two days in July. Much of what sets this festival apart is its location. In a mountain setting, listeners camp out at high altitudes to camp. This festival is also surprisingly kid-friendly, making it perfect for a family affair. Children under five get free entry, and children aged six through twelve get reduced ticket prices.

A third festival that takes place only in Idaho is the Braun Brothers Reunion in Challis. Known as Idaho music royalty, the Braun family has a national following, especially in Texas. However, every year in August, they return to Idaho to perform, encouraging campers and country partiers alike. Tickets sell out to this one-of-a-kind gig.

Idaho has clubs, amphitheaters, and other venues that support live music in the mountainous state.

For affordable tickets that appeal to desperate college students and touring artists alike, John’s Alley in Moscow is a great space. For heavy metal, rock, punk, and hardcore concerts, Sickhouse in Idaho Falls is a haven. For around-the-year concerts each Wednesday, Foresters Club in McCall is a classic. For beautiful outdoors views and a great summer concert series, Boomer’s Garden in Lewiston is an option. For an unusual environment of rolling hills beside a state penitentiary, Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise, Idaho is an unforgettable experience, exclusive to summer. For the state’s best amphitheater, an epicenter of national and local events, Bannock County Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheater in Pocatello is the place to go. For a cool downtown venue mashing together local and touring artists, take in Moon Time of Coeur D’Alene. No matter what edge of the state a concert-goer explores, Idaho has a venue willing and eager to show off its musical chops.

Idaho showcases its artists.

Through zines, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and websites, Idahoans build up its art community. In fact, one website—IdahoArtists—has been promoting the arts online for nearly two decades through Andyy Barr Productions. The website features creators in the visual arts, performing arts, and creative writing, sharing contact information, addresses, websites, pictures, and biographies on each of its featured artists. In its music section, Krispen Hartung, Cody Fisher, Nancy Kelly, Al Jackson, Rochelle Smith, Andreas Braunlich, Wayne Coyle, Allen James Teague, Rick Bloom, and Jesse Shuster are some of the showcased artists. This hodgepodge of singers, songwriters, composers, musicians, and bands build a network of creatives within the state. Efforts like IdahoArtists that are designed to connect and advertise artists show that Idaho is passionate about creating, networking, and collaborating. This influences live listening, by supporting more connected, communal concerts in which musicians know their work is valued by their peers and listeners.

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