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South Carolina is known for its marsh-like sea islands, subtropical beaches, and historic sites. However, in terms of music, can South Carolina keep up with its abundantly influential bordering state, North Carolina? South Carolina has equally talented and novel local artists, considerable genre development, and musical museums to its name. Keep reading to find out how South Carolina stacks up against its northern neighbor.

South Carolina has intriguing local musicians making noise in numerous genres.

Mountain music, island music, and country music are some of the many genres influencing what local artists create in South Carolina. King Vulture is one of the best local gigs. With a textured Americana sound, anything from indie pop tunes, energetic jams, and hypnotic waves whirl in and out of songs, twisting listeners through a vortex of sounds. Daddy’s Beemer is somewhere between undone garage rock and indie pop rock. Fans of Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend will like what they hear. Secret Guest has been on the scene with indie rock for the last few years; in 2017, their short, 4 song record showed incredible British Invasion riffs, energetic bursts, droning grunge vibes, and other fresh touches. Those Lavender Whales makes songs reminiscent of 90s indie like Neutral Milk Hotel with a softer, more melodic flow. Culture Crush mixes psychedelic pop with hip-hop and soul influences to create something funky but approachable. Brother Oliver, Infinitikiss, and Apricot Blush are other local performers that the locals support. Regardless of what genre a concert-goer wants, someone in South Carolina is doing it.

Fans of screamo, metal, and other genres will be pleased by the variety offered in South Carolina.

Scream, metal, and other hard genres sometimes get a bad reputation for being cacophonous, one-note, and overly aggressive. However, cutting-edge artists in South Carolina are doing these genres justice. For example, Tanpopo Crisis makes black metal without cold existential despair. What does that even sound like? Post-rock and Shoegazers give life and movement and lightness to the screams. Pure Ghost breaks their hard rock kedge with acoustic guitar, blurred effects, and a hazy distortion. Florida Man makes heavy, modern punk with more refine that most musicians provide. Space Coke crams rad, retro, murky sounds of rock and punk into their Eps. For a different take on these genres, or for listeners willing to give these unconventional genres another chance, South Carolina’s live music scene has something unique to offer.

South Carolina is home to music museums marking historic and recent music advancements alike, such as the Carolina Music Museum and the Columbia Museum of Art.

South Carolina has the usual gigs and jam spaces that artists frequent. The state also has a handful of notable art museums that document and solidify the significance of music in the arts. The Carolina Music Museum is one of these places. Recently open in 2017, its aim is to preserve and introduce a collection of more than forty English, European, and American pianos and harpsichords from 1570 to 1845. With these instruments, the museums hopes to entertain, educate, and celebrate the music of the Carolinas. Located in Greenville, this museum also hosts classical musicians. Their acts include Michael Lynn with his historical flutes, Pan Harmonia Concerts, Ugandan drummist Damascus Kafumbe, and world-renowned music duo Dennis James and Michael Tsalka.

Open since the 1950's, the Columbia Museum of Art has a broader artistic focus than just music, but being one of the nation’s leading art institutions, its public programs emphasize music. The museum boasts its lineup of world-class musicians and local musicians throughout the year. Some of the museum’s exhibitions include interactive sound components and the histories that influenced world music.

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