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Beauty and the Beast is a classic story that needs little introduction. A man is cursed to be a beast because of his selfish and superficial ways. The curse would only be broken if the beast loves someone else, and that someone else loves him in return. Believing himself to be doomed to a life of solitude, the beast hides away in his castle. However, when a bookish young woman named Belle finds herself in the castle, their magical, well-known love story unfolds...

Although many people associate Beauty and the Beast with Disney’s 1991 movie adaption, the fairy tale has been around for centuries. French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve first published his version in 1740. A couple decades a later, it was shortened and adapted by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont for a children’s fairy tale book series. Variants of the tale scattered across Europe, before a Disney adaption was made in the 1900s. With storybooks, movies, and sing-along discs, the franchise continues to flourish, being a staple across generations of children. Just in 2017, a live action movie musical—as opposed to the original animated version—came out, staring Emma Watson and grossing over 500 million dollars in the United States alone, a nod to the continued popularity and appeal of the story.

It is true that almost all Beauty and the Beast offshoots are incredibly successful, but the live musical adaption brings a new energy and life to the story. Beauty and the Beast first went on Broadway in 1994, and it continues to be a regular in performance venues across the country. Part of the reason why the live musical adaptions are so charming and appealing is because music has always been a vital part of the storytelling and appeal. In fact, three songs from Beauty and the Beast— “Belle,” “Be Our Guest,” and “Beauty and the Beast”—were nominated for Oscars. Hearing these songs sung live, with the fantastic, full-bodied orchestral accompaniment adds a new dimension to the musical numbers. Choreography takes a bigger role in the live musical, as characters swoosh and spin on stage, capturing the shifting tones of the classic story. These features combined make the live musical experience of Beauty and the Beast a performance that all fans of the franchise should enjoy.

A story close to so many people’s hearts, Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful musical to see live. It is perfect for viewers of all ages, and it will appeal to all audience members, from a fun family affair, a romantic date night, or a nostalgic friend group outing. Relive a part of your past or introduce the story to a new generation of Disney fans by claiming your tickets today.

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