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Crazy Girls are seen to be one of the most extremely hot and sexy topless theatrical entertainments to dance away the hearts of many men in Las Vegas...

For the past three decades, Crazy Girls have witnessed many performers in Las Vegas, but among the 100 performers they have seen in the spanning decades, Crazy Girls are one of the most controversial group that has ever brought a fire of excitement in the Las Vegas stage.

Along with the ‘Siegfried & Roy’, the Crazy Girls have put their own name in the history. In today’s generation, the Crazy Girls are now recognized as the most famous showgirls to be in Las Vegas.

In the run of Las Vegas entertainment for the past decades until now, Crazy Girls have always been a support system and a mainstay. It is believed by the majority that as the Girls continue to shine on stage, they might be as well become the backbone of the topless entertainment.

Crazy Girls are one of the most in-demand shows in Las Vegas and in other parts of the globe. One routine of the show carries a 10-min video playback of their TV appearances from MSNBC to “E!” which is usually done before the Girls rock their butts out on stage.

The group performs within a showroom that holds a capacity of 400 seats; pluses are the booths and chairs with tables for drinks. The ‘Crazy Girls’ does not only show sexy backs and fronts, but it also has a little rollicking and comedy.

From a scratch in 1987, the Crazy Girls have reached a long way in their career. In fact, they have evolved from a stag show in 1987 to a couple’s show in the new era. The new showgirls in the modern generation are more trained professionally as dancers. During the shows, Crazy Girls are often dressed up in revealing costumes. Among other female entertainment shows in Las Vegas, Crazy Girls are just undeniably the best.

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