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The “Detroit Lions” is a professional American Football team situated in Detroit, Michigan. The team is part of the North Division, which plays in the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL)...

The Detroit Lions were founded in the year 1929 as a self-regulating professional football team. The team’s original location was in Portsmouth, Ohio. In fact, the team was originally termed as the Portsmouth Spartans during their existence in Portsmouth.

During the 1930 season, the Spartans officially joined the National Football League (NFL). At the time, some of the NFL’s independent teams failed due to the sudden Great Depression.

The team showed success in their years of playing in Portsmouth, however, the league decided to relocate the Spartans because the team could not continue playing in a small city like Portsmouth. The team moved to Detroit to play for the 1934 season.

The Spartans were renamed as the Detroit Lions after they had moved to Detroit. The team’s early years in Detroit were a success, they won four frequent NFL championships and ranked as 9th among the 32 NFL franchises to have compiled an outstanding NFL championship record.

However, the good performance of the Lions has decreased after their last NFL championship appearance in the year 1957. The team’s ranking has declined and their play in the 1957 championship was spotted as the second longest drought in the history next to Arizona Cardinals. The Detroit Lions are the only team in the NFC to have never played in the Super Bowl.

The team plays their home games at the Ford Field, located in the downtown suburb of Detroit. During the 1930 season, the team’s uniforms consist of either red or blue jerseys, silver pants and silver helmets. For eras of playing in the NFL, constant changes within the team are observed.

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