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The ‘Elf The Musical‘ tour begins November of this year after several successful runs since 2010. It is based on the movie ‘Elf’ and follows William ‘Buddy’ Hobbs. When Buddy was a child, he ended up going to the North Pole and was raised as one of Santa’s little helpers. Now Buddy has gone to New York to find where he truly belongs, only to discover that his birth family does not believe in Santa. In fact, most of New York has forgotten the magic of Christmas and without their belief Santa’s sleigh will not fly. Buddy must find a way of making them believe or else Santa won’t be able to use his sleigh this Christmas...

Elf The Musical is a great family friendly show that gets people in the Christmas spirit. It has a lot of funny and Christmas themed songs, such as ‘Sparklejollytwinklejingley’, ‘There Is a Santa Claus’ and ‘Nobody Cares About Santa’, that will have kids singing along.

Based from the 2003 film of the same name, ‘Elf: the musical’ has been touring the United States every holiday season. It has been running in different Broadway forms since 2011 up to this year. The musical score wasn't made by Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin and adapted by Bob Martin and Thomas Meehan.

Following the movie’s synopsis, William Hobbs (also known as Buddy), was a young child from the orphanage that had accidentally crawled inside Santa Claus’s bag of gifts. Without his knowledge, after the chores of delivering the gifts to the children, the sleigh went back to North Pole only to find out that Buddy was inside. Not until he was a grown man did he realize that was a normal human being. He then went to New York City to find Walter, his father. However, he had a skeptical perspective and did not believe in the Christmas spirit, same as many other people in New York. That seemed to be a problem because belief is what allowed the sleigh to acquire its energy to fly and deliver gifts. Buddy did his best to convince all of the people in the City that Santa existed and that the spirit of Christmas was alive.

The story so far has received positive insights from different critics, and is indeed highly liked by the audience — adults and children alike. Santa Claus narrated in the Broadway version rather than papa Elf as in the movie, however, the change is unnoticeable because they deliver the same kind of laugh and good feeling among the watchers. ‘Elf: the musical’ continues to hold their tours and this year it will be as good as it was for the past 3 years. The show is also expanding to reach the international scene in the near future.

Along with other variation of shows, whether its musical, theatrical and in the form of circus or ice skating, ‘Elf: the musical’ is one of the best comedic acts ever produced in a musical form. Another reason to celebrate Christmas, it has been positively acclaimed and been nominated in the 2011 Drama League Awards as a distinguished production of a musical. You might have a long list of shows to watch on your list, but when witnessed once, its unforgettable array of jokes will leave a smile on your face. Its witty lyrical arrangement and sense of humor will stand out. Please check below for available tickets for Elf the Musical for a location near you.

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