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When people think about entertainment and recreation, concerts, musicals, sport games, or comedy shows probably come to mind. Magic is an underrated option, although it is actually one of the oldest forms of entertainment. Skillful magicians are masters of illusion who can warp how people perceive and process information. They can manipulate the boundary between perception and reality. Of course, poorly practiced musicians are easy to spot and unbelievable, but some contemporary musicians are doing more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Consider Mat Franco...

Mat Franco is known by many for winning NBC’s America’s Got Talent in 2014. He was the first musician to take top prize in the competition, standing out with his boundary-pushing demonstrations and joyful approach. Mat Franco developed an interest in magic at a young age, and he devoted his childhood to learning and tinkering. Although primarily self-taught, he showed promise early on. At the age of 12, Franco participated in a multi-day training program for magicians, studying under people who contributed to the televised show The World’s Greatest Magic. Franco also engaged in conventions and performances, before finding his voice own as a magician.

Although Mat Franco is knowledgeable on the history of magic, his personal style on stage is injected with playfulness and ebullience. In other words, his shows are not serious, formal affairs to be taken too seriously. He encourages audience interaction and strives to be relatable. This means that many of his demonstrations are inspired by real-life things. For example, he has been known to involve items like cell phones. He encourages laughter, poking fun at himself or common tropes in magic. His approach to magic is wonderful for kids and adults alike. Those who are often unimpressed by magic might find themselves marveling on the logic games embedded in his displays. And those who love the illusions of magic will be as delighted as ever at his original acts.

Are you interested in seeing a show put on by Mat Franco? Although he spent some time touring around the United States, fans can go to Las Vegas to see him these days. Since working his way to the top in America’s Got Talent, he has been working out of The LINQ Hotel & Casino. Located on South Las Vegas Boulevard—also known as the Vegas Strip—the hotel is in a prime spot, central to roller coasters, zip lines, casinos, concerts, comedy acts, and famous chefs. If you are ready to be amused by contemporary, lighthearted magic in one of America’s most entertaining cities, explore your ticket options now, and begin planning your next trip to Las Vegas.

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