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The United States got the first taste of the Live Nutcracker Ballet show during the 1940’s. The San Francisco Ballet group was the first American Ballet institution that was given the chance to perform a full length show. This year, watch the Nutcracker performed live by New York City Ballet’s talented ballerinas...

Adopted from the book published by E.T.A. Hoffman, the ballet show was collaborated between the famous ballet choreographers in Russia, Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa and the genius musical talent of Tchaikovsky; the full length performance of the Nutcracker Ballet had its first debut in 1892. The show traveled from Eastern Europe, crossing the countries of the Atlantic until today.

The high class and state of the art talents of the performers and the orchestra are priceless. People of all ages are welcome to watch their eye popping performance, together with the keen details of the set designs and sophisticated wardrobe of the dancers. Children will surely enjoy watching the dancing gypsies as they start to perform on the stage. Another eye catching ballet show to look forward to, the Live Nutcracker show is currently touring around the world until the Christmas seasons. The idea of E.T.A. Hoffman materialized through his published book; together with the core choreography of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, the Nutcracker Ballet show became history.

First performed in the famous Marinsky Theater of Russia in 1892, the Nutcracker live ballet show continues as a two act ballet that has toured around the world for over a century now. Various ballet groups collaborated together to showcase their talent in an enormous production. With the musical score originally composed by Tchaikovsky, a mixed of theater-esque performance in a ballet form is truly spectacular and high class.

Perfectly coinciding with the holiday season, though there are some wide ranges of theater performances to choose from, the Nutcracker Ballet show never fails to be included in the list of most watched performances. They are truly capable of bringing the hype out of the viewers around the world and leave unforgettable memories after the show.

With George Balanchine’s virtuoso and an impromptu performance of the Nutcracker ballet show, it has been widely adopted by the choreographers, it has been known as ‘The Nutcrackers of all Nutcrackers’, the most popular dance routine in the field of ballet.

This a the perfect time to bring families altogether as the tour goes from November until the Christmas holidays. Please check below for available tickets for New York City Ballet performances.

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