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This holiday season; make sure to hear a terrific tale of a man about his encounter to the unbelievably white bearded old man who wears a red suit with belly hanging. Based from the highly acclaimed poem by Clement Clarke Moore, developed by some of the most prolific person in theatre industry like Douglas Rintoul, Will Duke, Simon Kenny, Phil Clarke and Helen Atkinson, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ is a performance by Thomas Padden that will bring the attention of the audience upfront once he begin to tell his story...

The original plot from the poem described his experience upon bumping into Santa Claus. On a cold winter night of Christmas Eve, a typical family was bound in a deep sleep when the man of the house heard a strange and noisy sound from outside their house. Due to his curiosity, he woke up following the footsteps to the living room; only to find out that there is man to that was gone under their chimney, with the reindeers and the sleigh was silently parked just outside their lawn. He saw the undeniably tangible Santa Claus, with his red sack of gifts, laughing his trademark sound ‘ho-ho-ho!’ while filling the children’s Christmas socks with gift. After that, he witnessed Santa went upside the chimney again as he lastly greeted the people a ‘Merry Christmas!’ and goodnight to everyone.

In this theatrical show, all audiences must remove their shoes upon entering the hall to give its story telling ambience possible among the watchers. Thomas Padden’s performance is about give a wonder insight like it happened it real life, given his ability to capture the hearts of people, young and old, while taking the imagination of the night to the very eyes of every viewers.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ theater show is now performing in different locations in the United States. So children, make sure to be nice in the entire year so that parents will give the reward that has been waiting for, for 12 months of good behavior. As for the parents, do not worry because one night might be the unique and sole chance to experience the company with Santa Claus right at the front of the living room fire place and share the encounter to all the good people in the community. As the man who encountered Santa is the poem was surely shocked but amazed. Please check below for available tickets for Twas the Night Before Christmas for a location near you.

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