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It is an all-dance show action set on a massive rubbish dump that, after dark, gets back to its life with cats of all kinds, styles, and sizes. After a while, there are cats all over the place, including an auditorium, a gathering for the Jellicle Ball, where one cat gets selected as the leader of Jellicle, being allotted an additional precious life.

Grizabella, the former glorious cat, transforms into the disheveled outcast who, at the end of the evening, is selected by Deuteronomy to get the prized extra life.


It is the night when the Jellicle Ball takes place. The clan of cats gathers around for the annual event, during which the revered old Deuteronomy picks the highly deserving cat to ascend with him for the best reward.

The cats start gathering one by one as we learn about their personalities, as it is how it is portrayed in the book of poems by T.S. Eliot. Cassandra, Jellylorum, Bombalurina, and Jennuanydots are the initial ones to strut their things. They invite Rum Tum Tugger, a cat of rock-star idol kind, to create the best mood for Grizabella or the Glamorous Cat to arrive.

However, she gets avoided by the younger felines who mock her. The mature and well-rounded Bustopher Jones attracts the eyes of all with his well-groomed natty clothes. RumpleTeazer and Mungojerrie are both mischievous, fun-loving cats offering lighter moments before the Old Deuteronomy arrives to create a serious tone for this ball.

Along the sidelines, Gus the Theater Cat locates faults with the lack of dedication while perceiving the reminiscence of actors to this day about a couple of finest roles.

We even locate the great commitment and pride while performing the relatively smaller jobs of retaining a single train on schedule in the Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat.

Macavity is spoken about in lower voices. So, was there any cat so clever as Mistoffelees? Sure there is too much of our delight when suddenly he burst out in a scene.

However, Grizabella demonstrates the greater depth of the character and needs. She gets selected for accompanying the Old Deuteronomy on the years of accession past the Russell hotel.

During the runtime of the Cats, it is formed out of varied cats which show up to join the competition while, hopefully, they travel to the Heaviside Layer. Every starring cast member sings a song and pops up, allowing these cat's movies to function as real ensemble projects.

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