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PBR - Professional Bull Riders

Bull riding is one of the most exhilarating but dangerous sports in the world. In this classic rodeo sport, athletes attempt to ride bulls. The goal is stay mounted, as the bull bucks vigorously. Although this sport is a descendant of the wild, wild west, there are groups that have worked to organize the sport into a professional organization. One such group is the Professional Bull Riders (PBR), a branch of the International Management Group (IMG). Founded by Ty Murray in 1992, PBR is headquartered in Colorado. To learn more about what bull riding is and what PBR does, keep reading.

Bull riding is one of the most adrenaline-inducing sports out there, even within the rodeo. Several countries have rich histories regarding rodeos, including Spain, Venezuela, and Colombia. Regions of the United States were once home to Mexican and Spanish people, who imparted herding traditions in the New World. In the late-1800s, open-range cattle started to die out, because big industrial farms took over in the United States. Sadly, cowboys lost out on work. With a very unique trade, cowboys believed they could draw attention to the cattle industry by showing off their skills and experience to the public. Thus, out of necessity and ingenuity, rodeos were born. Although there is much dispute as to which city first held a rodeo in the United States, most can agree that bull riding was among the first sports featured at these events.

For a long time, bull riding was a relatively unregulated sport. It is not featured in the Olympics, and its fanbase tends to be regionally based. However, in the last few decades, PBR has stepped up to promote bull riding. Their first objective was to differentiate bull riding from the other rodeo sports, making their own brand and competitions. In order to do this, they create a competition schedule. They maintain records of results. They track athlete standings. They video competitions. They present awards. They manage publicity. For a sports organization only a couple decades old, PBR has made strides in advancing and widening the scope of bull riding in the United States and abroad, becoming a go-to resource for fans, professionals, and aspiring athletes.

PBR welcomes around 600 bull riders from Australia, Brazil, Mexico, United States, and Canada. In fact, of the top ten current riders, four are from Brazil—Claudio Montanha Jr., Luciano De Castro, Joao Ricardo Vieira, and reigning champion Jose Vitor Leme. The other six are from the United States—Jess Lockwood, Chase Outlaw, Cody Teel, Cooper Davis, Derek Kolbaba, and Ryan Dirteater. These competitors battle in televised weekly “8-second man versus beast duels”. The competitions are spiked with music and pyrotechnics to engage viewers. At the end of each year, PBR holds a World Champion event, offering over ten million dollars in winnings. For a chance to see a weekly bull riding competition or the PBR World Championship, look for tickets today.

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