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Some say that there are two types of people: those who love classical music and those who cannot stand classical music. However, many people have a hard time defining what classical music actually is. The genre is much broader and more inviting than its first impression suggests. Keep reading to learn more about what classical music is and what is appealing about a classical concert.

When you think of classical music, what comes to mind? For many people, the sound of traditional classical music is instantly recognizable. To a more trained ear, there are vast differences between the most well-known classical artists. Either way, most people know classical when they hear the compositions of Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Clause Debussy, Johannes Brahms, George Joseph Haydn, Franz Shubert, Antonin Vivaldi, or their counterparts. These composers primarily came from European countries, and they wrote their compositions in the 1700s through the early 1800s. With a strong Baroque influence, their works are often known for sounding dramatic and containing layers of melodies with a filling bass line. Instruments like the harpsichord, lute, and viol have distinct sounds that are often involved in these compositions, but these types of instruments are more of a rarity today.

This type of classical music is performed and celebrated today, but if you do not think you enjoy the genre, you will be pleased to know that classical music is much more expansive than many people imagine. Really, classical music is when a composer creates scores that are exacting. The exact notes are detailed. The exact instruments—and number of instruments—is detailed. Many directions cover the scores, as many as the composer can think of, dictating styles, dynamics, tones, and other minute details. The performers and conductor strive to portray the vision outlined by the composer. Every performance still has an energy and character of its own in classical music, but it is a much more precise genre that something like jazz, blues, or pop.

Did you enjoy the music from movies such as Star Trek (2009, 2013), Ratatouille (2007), Jurassic World (2015, 2018), Coco (2017), Up (2009) or The Incredibles (2004, 2018)? The music from these movies was composed by Michael Giacchino, who many would argue is a type of classical composer. Could you easily pick out songs from movies like Harry Potter, E.T., or Star Wars? Much of the music in these movies was created by classical composer John Williams.

Experiencing the artistry of classical compositions live is a powerful experience. Although many people are familiar with seeing mainstream bands live, which contain several members, classical compositions usually involve more musicians, which can create a fuller, more present sound. Classical musicians are trained to pick up on and emphasize the smallest details, making for countless subtle details and aggregate into an incredibly meticulous and intended performance. This is true of all classical music, from the 1700s to the modern day. The bottom line is that classic music encompasses a wider range of sounds than what first meets the ear. Whether you appreciate old school classical music or more contemporary takes on the genre, classical music can be enjoyed by everyone, so invest in some classical concert tickets today.

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