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A city’s music scene can reveal so much about it. It shows the thoughts and talents of its most creative residents. It highlights the city’s entertainment industry, from go-to venues—bars to restaurants to halls and beyond—to must-see events. It demonstrates how connected its people are. It provides a glimpse of the history and culture of the place. Because music is so closely linked to place, it is no wonder why the United States is full of these fascinating music cities. To learn more about top cities for concerts, keep reading.

One of the most eclectic, multicultural places in the world, New Orleans, Louisiana is renown for its culture, of which music plays a huge role. Built around ports and complex waterways, New Orleans has been a transfer point of French, African, Spanish, German, Irish, Canadian and Native American people for hundreds of years. These varied influences have shaped the music of New Orleans, leading to the creation of new genres such as Zydeco and bounce, and the progression of genres such as jazz, blues, and R&B.

A state filled with music cities is Tennessee, home to Memphis, Nashville and Jackson. Memphis is known for pioneering rock and roll, home of stars such as Elvis Presley. Tons of attractions and vneues fill the city, too, such as the Gibson Guitar Factory, Grlaceland, B.B. Kings Restaurant & Blues Blub, Young Avenue Deli and Blues City Face. Nashville is even more well-known, naming itself “Music City USA.” Its practically synonymous with country music but also produced a number of stars in rock such as Kings of Leon, Black Keys and Aerosmith. Check out the Grand Ole Opry to get started.

New York City, New York and Los Angeles, California are two other knock-out cities for concerts. Even though they are almost oversaturated with music and production, there is something to be said for their respective concert scenes for listeners who know where to look. Afterall, NYC gave way to genres such as hip-hop, punk and disco, a testament to its ingenuity and diversity. Los Angeles has a totally different feel, but the West coast city has its own share of cool venues, such as Fonda Theatre, Fred 62, Break Room 86 and Trubadour. Historic and cutting-edge cool, both NYC and LA have so much to offer in the realm of concerts.

From coast to coast, the United States is loaded with music cities. Between the 50 states, there are countless other concert havens, such as Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Phoenix, Arizona. To learn more about these incredible music cities, plan your next vacation around some incredible concerts. Experience the art, entertainment and culture first hand.