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People love to laugh. In fact, laughter is often touted as the best medicine around. In a world that is increasingly stressful, entertainment is a much-needed reprieve, especially when that entertainment inspires a full-belly laugh. Because of this, comedy concerts are a great option for singles, couples, and groups who are seeking a break. Comedy concerts includes stand-up comedy, comedic performances based in music, comedic musicals and improv comedy such as performed by The Tenderloins. With such a variety of forms, there is a comedic concert for everyone. Keep reading to find out which comedy concerts you would enjoy most and why you should see one soon.

One category of comedy concerts is stand up comedy with musical numbers. This form is a very popular format, especially for audiences who like a lot of dialogue, as opposed to a wall of sound. These performances are great for people who like a more intimate experience, as stand-up comedians—even in concert—tend to have one person on stage at a time. One example of this type of concert comedian is Bo Burnham. Some of the songs he is known to weave into performances include “Art Is Dead” (2010), “I’m Bo Yo” (2009), and “Left Brain, Right Brain” (2013). Comedians ranging from Jimmy Fallon to Zach Galifianakis to Adam Sandler use music to break up their acts, too, with piano, guitar, and even choirs joining in for the fun. For a comedy concert focused primarily on one performer with accents of music, this is the way to go.

Another category of comedy concerts is comedic performances based in music. In these comedy concerts, songs are the dominant form of comedy, rather than an accent to the spoken comedic elements. Think of Stephen Lynch, who at first glance may seem like a singer-songwriter, who performs highly juxtaposed songs of melodic guitar tunes with progressively dark themes. The Smothers Brothers are a throwback pillar in this sub-category. They also appear to be regular singers and musicians upon first inspection, with simple folk melodies and harmonies, mimicking acts of their time like Peter, Paul & Mary. However, their songs frequently crumble into fights, chaos, and insults. These performances are perfect for audiences who love musicality and sound but are looking for something more novel and unexpected than a typical concert.

The final major category of performances within comedy concerts are musical comedies. Think of musicals that are written to make audiences laugh until their sides hurt. Examples include The Book of Mormon, Mean Girls, Once Upon a Mattress, The Play That Goes Wrong, The Great American Trailer Park Musical, and Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus. This subsection of comedy concerts are best for people who love musicals, through-and-through. Unlike other types of comedy concerts, musical comedies are often propelled by a strong plot, making them a great choice for people who love to engage in a story.

As described above, there are multiple types of comedy concerts available for people who seek entertainment. If you like to laugh, you will like some type of comedy concert, from musical comedies to comedic performances based in music, to comedic performances punctuated by songs. Start searching for shows to see which on-stage performances will meet your comedic needs in the upcoming moths.