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One of the larger and more known New England states, Connecticut is an unlikely and underrated option for people who love music. With a nationally known underground music scene, passionate bloggers, and community-geared organizers, Connecticut provides an awesome live music experience.

Connecticut has a nationally recognized underground music scene.

In countless papers including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Diego Tribune, Hartford Courant, and more, Connecticut’s underground music scene is being recognized. Leading the way is music writer Michael Hamad’s column, Press Play. Reviewing the work of local artists, analyzing the intersections between music and other entertainment outlets, recommending the best touring acts, and considering development in the underground scene, Hamad’s column speaks to the national reputation Connecticut is building in music.

Something that is underground is organized secretly, operating in the subterranean layer of a social or cultural environment, often opposing an existing, mainstream way of life. In music, this means that it supports the creation and performance of something different in a secluded, fringe atmosphere. With such widespread national attention, it is possible that Connecticut’s underground scene has lost some of its authenticity. However, the newfound attention is a welcome spotlight to many, a chance to reach wider audiences, increase accessibility, and share something new. For anyone interested in the underground, give Connecticut's local bands and solo artists a listen at the next concert series.

Connecticut has locals who are actively working to plant deeper roots in its music scene.

Throughout Connecticut’s larger cities and towns, locals strive to build communities. As venues come and go, it is challenging for the arts to maintain a centralized presence. Dedicated artists who support weekly music nights and jam sessions carry the torch, attempting to forge a deeper, more sustainable music scene. One of these people is Anthony Quinn Carpanzano, who lines up artists from the Amadeus Piano Company in Stamford. With eyes only for music—not pool, darts, or tv—he brings true music lovers in with concert series like “Riot.” Housed at 1947 Lounge, Pete Mazza is doing similar things, having created a weekly music night, “Thursday NiTe RocKs.” Connecticut is filled with larger cities and towns just like Stamford, places with considerable size and clout that one would expect to have a cohesive, thriving music scene. However, strings of temporary venues and inconsistent live shows make sustaining such a community challenging. In recent years, the organized efforts of Quinn and his contemporaries has made a noticeable difference, especially in fostering a more stable home for otherwise underground spaces. Those looking for a good concert experience will definitely feel the effects of these musicians and community organizers who are putting in their all to make something that will last.

Connecticut natives are making the most of their online footprint to support local music in their state.

In an age where social media and apps are ever popular and the internet is everywhere, the world is filled with information and opinion. So, it is no surprise that many cities and states have taken to these mediums to praise their music industries. Connecticut is no exception. What sets its technological footprint apart is locals’ keen eye for creative content.

CTMusicScene is an all-encompassing music reference guide that prides itself on being a “comprehensive guide for musicians and people looking for live music entertainment in Connecticut,” informing readers with band bios and schedules, venue calendars, bands of the month, music lesson resources instrument repair resources, copyright guidelines, concert photography recommendations, recording outreach and much more. For tourists and especially for Connecticut locals, CTMusicScene is a must-read to get a sense of what is in Connecticut’s musical scope.

With a more narrative approach, Jennifer Yaggi’s Crisis: A Midlife Music Blog appeals to readers with a more personal touch. A regular in Stamford’s punk, rock, and hardcore scenes growing up, Yaggi entered the world of zines, where she attended weekly shows and interviewed well-known musicians. After the death of Joey Ramone in 2001, Yaggi renewed her interest in the live music experience, before deeply engaging with music writing in 2015 after a Dinosaur Jr. show. Like many music lovers, Yaggi recognizes how intertwined her identity is to music. People who are interested in starting, reengaging, or continuing in a music scene will love her approach to scouting and rocking out at concerts. Listeners who are traveling to Connecticut will feel at home after reading her take on Connecticut's concert life.

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