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Being one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, Florida is known for its successful entertainment industries. With theme parks, beaches, and nightlife in constant demand, be sure not to overlook the live music offered in Florida. Keep reading to learn how Florida’s year-round sunshine, venues focused on vacationers, and overall music industry make it a fine option for people looking to catch some shows.

Florida’s weather is ideal for music festivals

Music festivals are the concert experience on overdrive. Festivals pull together slews of new and established musicians for back-to-back listening and partying pleasure, often for days on end. Plus, a heightened music-focused mindset is furthered by stunning showmanship at music festivals. Sure, festivals are not for everyone; they are more costly, grimy, and overwhelming than a one night concert commitment. However, for those who live for the festival rush, Florida has endless opportunity. Agreeable weather year-round has its appeals.

In 2018, Florida is hosting over thirty dynamic festivals. Although many of these festivals have come and gone, the last four months of the year have plenty in queue. These include: Brevard Caribbean Festival, Summer Jazz on the Gulf, Orlando Jazz festival, Clearwater Jazz Holiday, Party in the Pines, and Sunny Isles Beach Jazz Fest. For bluegrass and country fans, winter to spring are prime times. For blues and folk lovers, late spring and summer are ideal. Jazz is a constant all year.

With so many music festivals in rotation, every type of music lover is sure to hear something that pleases the ear. Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival delivers Bonnaroo vibes with rock, rap, pop, and techno acts. Ultra Music Festival delivers on the dance festival frontier, having just celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Tortuga Music Festival delivers a sing-along environment with hits in country and rock.

Florida has the potential for musicians to thrive in the industry

Although musicians are mobile by design, often traveling to record or tour, some areas offer more ways for musicians to prosper than others. Universities, advanced industries, and venture capital tend to provide the resources and audiences for artists to create. Florida is left out of many conversations about emerging music, but the state does have the makings to be a major music center. With all of the large universities and touristy destinations within its boundaries, audiences and investors are built in to help musicians focus their careers.

For instance, in a recent report, City Lab analyzed which metro areas of the United States are most prone to meeting this “music index.” 3 metro areas in Florida took top spots, with Orlando-Kissimmee, Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, and Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater making the list. So, the next time you visit Florida for some fun at Disney World or a beach stay, remember to seek out some music gigs. With an abundance of working musicians, there is sure to be a concert going on in these metro areas.

Florida offers the types of venues that cater to its clientele

Some cities build their music scenes off of house parties. Other are known for hidden venues tucked away in unexpected corners, like the upper flat of that one Chinese takeout shop. Still, some cities are known for smooth, sultry jazz and blues clubs. The key is that music hubs need venues that meet the wants and needs of their audiences. In Florida, this means that venues specialize in easy going, lax environments for early retirees and chill vacationers; at the same time, Florida offers pumped up party rooms for club-goers, partiers, and energized 20-somethings.

The Green Parrot Bar in Key West offers the quintessential beach-side atmosphere with tropical bands filling up the stage. Fun and relaxed, it is a great spot to loosen up. Churchill’s Pub in Miami gives concert goes a different experience. This venue next to Sweat Records music shop has an unmistakable and well-earned edge, hosting great acts in punk, ska, hardcore, and metal, such as Dick Dale, Iggy Pop, and the Sex Pistols. There is more to Florida’s music map than what meets the eye. Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, The Atlantic Nightspot in Gainesville, Will’s Pub in Orlando, and The Orpheum in Tampa show that night life is bustling throughout the state’s main metros. For those seeking some live jams, there is something to be found across The Sunshine State.

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