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Nevada, a western desert state, is notorious for its larger than life entertainment industry. It is most famous for its 24-hour casinos, themed hotels, glamorous live shows, exorbitant parties, and luxury spas and resorts that fill Las Vegas. Outside of the cities of excess, Nevada is home to natural attractions, such as Lake Tahoe, Death Valley National Park, and Red Rock Canyon National Park. Most music senses would be overshadowed by such steep competition in natural and artificial attractions, but Nevada’s music scene stands up to the challenge. Keep reading to learn more about how Nevada’s concert offerings stay relevant.

Nevada has an array of music festivals, spanning genres and levels of popularity.

Of course, Las Vegas hosts a number of popular music festivals, including the following; EDC Las Vegas, iHeartRadio Music Festival, Life is Beautiful Festival, Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival, Route 91 Harvest, Clark County Jazz in the Park, Tejano Music National Convention, Psycho Las Vegas, Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas, and Punk Rock Bowling Festival. However, two of Nevada’s fan favorite and best-known festivals come from other areas of the state. The Off-Beat Music Festival is an annual weekend fixture in Reno. And, Burning Man is an annual international favorite, lasting over a week, out in Black Rock Desert. For a short period of time, the town becomes the most populous in the country, with attendees lingering for a month after the shows are over.

Listeners who want the concert experience on overdrive should look into the realm of music festivals, and Nevada is one of the premier places to dive in to something extraordinary.

Nevada has a large number of bands who have made it big and many still on the horizon, eagerly performing to local crowds.

The bands in Nevada range from America’s favorites to America’s most angst-filled. Popular bands include: The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco, Ne-Yo, Escape the Gate, Brendon Urie, Tony Fredianelli, Five Finger Death Punch, The Cab, Falling in Reverse, Amarionette, Molotov Solution, Goatlord, Frank Klepacki, Lady Synful, The Crystal Method, Slaughter, 702, The Higher, Hemlock, 7 Seconds, Surf Curse, The Sextons, Cobra Skulls, Curl Up and Die, Egyptian, Invidia, The Vermin, and more made it in the Silver State. These groups pull in large audiences on a regular basis, either mainstays in the state or mainstays in the nation.

In addition to these established groups, Nevada’s new music scene thrives, too. Listeners who want less of a main stream experience in smaller venues and more intimate spaces should check out emerging artists such as The All-Together who make hillbilly jazz, The Bonfire Set who make soul rock, Casino Hearts who make murky pop, DJ spore who makes techno dance pop, Ghost of the Garden City who make experimental undefinable sounds, Narrowed who make punk rock, Mokhov who make jazzy dance music, Rainglow who make nostalgic pop folk, or Surf Curse who make surf rock. No matter what genre a listener wants, some group is doing it on Nevada’s stages.

In Nevada, music is used to accompany other forms of entertainment, sure to put on an unforgettable show for those who want some of the best live performances in the nation.

In Nevada, performance is everywhere. Listeners who love concerts but are excited by other elements of performance—costumes, dance, talent shows, and more—will find plenty of live shows in the state’s cities. Shows are changing all of the time, so it is best to be open minded with what sorts of performances are on the lineup.

Cirque du Soleil does a number of shows in Vegas, with O and Ka at the Bellagio being a favorite. Although dramatic, gravity-defying circus and acrobatic stunts are the act’s specialties, the soundtrack of Cirque is iconic, with marching bands and orchestras mimicking the sound. For cabernet, A Musical Mash-Up at the Palazzo Theater features stories, songs, and aesthetics of director Baz Luhrmann’s films, such as Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, and The Great Gatsby. Music serves as ambiance and memory recall for those lucky enough to snag a seat.

From magic shows to parody groups to impersonators to burlesque to cabernet, the performance industry in Nevada would fall flat without the element of music. The live sounds keep pace, momentum, and emotion in these incredible shows. Concert lovers who want something beyond the music will be spoiled by the treats of the state.

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