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Muse is a British band that has evolved its sound significantly since their debut in 1994 over two decades ago. First a ‘90s alternative rock jam band, Muse has branched out to progressive rock, arena rock, rhythm and blues, pop, and electronica. With music videos smeared with space themes and science fiction, political conspiracy storylines, their artwork has been eye-catching and contemporary. To learn more about Muse and what to expect from their performances, keep reading...

Unlike many bands that have faced significant change in sound, Muse has maintained the same member makeup they did when they started releasing demos and EPs—Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard. The trio began playing music in Teignmouth, Devon in England, their seaside hometown. Before settling on the name Muse, they played under Gothic Plague, Fixed Penalty, and Rocket Baby Dolls. Matthew Bellamy covers guitar and lead vocals. Chris Wolstenholme tackles bass. Dominic Howard is on drums. Some members cycle in and out of the band for tours and recordings to cover additional sound effects and instrumentation.

In the ‘90s, Muse was compared to groups like Radiohead, known for emotionally-driven, intense songs with notable stage presence. By 2003 with the album Absolution, they became a U.S. phenomenon, pushing songs like “Time Is Running Out.” Black Holes & Revelations (2006) built on the mass-pleasing music with intergalactic effect, rhythm-driven foundations, and funky, dance-ready songs like “Supermassive Black Hole”. This era of Muse’s albums resembles Queen, Depeche Mode, and The Killers. In recent years, Muse has shifted focus slightly again, from electronic back to rock, and incorporating social commentary of war, violence, and other heavy topics. The group has even begun to produce some of their own work in recent years on projects such as The Resistance.

To date, muse has over a dozen albums—including studio albums, live albums, video albums, and compilation albums—to their credit. Songs like “Knights of Cydonia,” “Hysteria,” “Time Is Running Out,” “Supermassive Black Hole,” “Maps of the Problematic,” “Butterflies and Hurricanes,” “Muscle Museum,” and “Citizen Erased” are still enjoyed around the world. For those seeking new music material, Muse continues to create new music and interact with fans. Their Simulation Theory World Tour (2019) is one of their most recent endeavors in this arena, hitting places like Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark Norway, United States, and United Kingdom. Muse continues to be a maximalist band with many influences—a feature that continues to secure their popularity and success internationally. To get the full Muse effect, pick up tickets to see them perform in concert.

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